Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pregnancy complaints:

1. Thanks so much for letting me try them, Brooke, but I am no fan of the Bella Band. I don't know if it's too big on me or something. But it/they do not hold my pants up. I spend most of my day (1) pulling my pants up (2) pulling my Bella Band down (3) showing my butt to all of Covenant Point. I really enjoy maternity jeans, except that I bought a few at Kohl's (including my ever-fashionable skinny jeans) and wore them yesterday and they were also falling down all day and super uncomfortable- like, kind of itchy inside. Maybe I just need to wash them. The one pair that I enjoy from Target are a size too big and when I went to get the next size down (which is actually 3 sizes smaller than I actually wear, go figure) they didn't have them. I guess I wasn't meant to wear pants.

2. Instead of my precious little girl kicking and flailing as she had been for a few weeks, she has now decided, instead, to channel her energy jumping up and down on my bladder most of the day. I know she just likes floating around in there, but my bladder and I do not always enjoy it so much.

Kyle and I had a fantastic day in Appleton yesterday and when I remember to bring my camera over to the office, I will tell you all about it.

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