Friday, March 12, 2010

Here we are at 24 weeks. My baby is an ear of corn this week and she has now begun to keep me up at night with her kicking-twirling-somersaulting antics. I also eat roughly 7 meals a day, no more than 1 1/2 to 2 hours apart. Said eating habits have convinced me to resume working out. (This is more directly related to me trying on some ill-fitting maternity clothes). I'm doing yoga everyday, walk-running 3 times a week, and I'm even going to try to do some strength training 2 days a week. I feel fantastic, although my back has been hurting pretty bad, but I'm convinced that it is mostly because my muscles have atrophied and I need to get them back into working order.

I could not be working out like this without Kyle. He gave me a pep-talk (after the ill-fitting maternity clothes incident) and told me he would set all of my workout stuff up for me and clean it up when I was done, if I was too tired to do it. He also tells me he's proud of me no less than three times a day. I mean this both literally and figuratively: I could not be pregnant without him. I love him!

And, if we're all lucky, he'll post pictures and his very own post (!) about our Saturday adventure soon!


  1. I love him, too! It's a good idea to work will feel stronger and better. Maternity clothes suck! truth be does being pregnant! I hope I don't get any hate mail for that comment...but, whoever likes being pregnant never had 3+ months of nausea, clothes that don't fit, pain in the back and ribs area and atrophied muscles. There...I stated my case...go ahead Jenny's readers try to defend it...just try.

  2. Awe!! That is so great he is so helpful. I really really enjoyed talking with you today! I'm looking forward to all the same experiences. Good luck in your last few months. I'm excited to keep reading your wonderful blog.

  3. You're right, Mom. It hasn't been that fun. Thanks for always being on the other end of the phone to listen to me whine :)