Saturday, March 13, 2010

Early Spring Bike Ride

With this unseasonably warm weather just begging us to go outside and play Jenny and I heeded the call and went on a bike ride to a nearby State Park, Ottawa Lake. The roads to the park were clear and dry, but the park does not get plowed all winter so we had to stash our bikes against this tree. I love that we did not have to think twice about their safety.

The sun was so warm and bright--almost more than the company. . . almost.

We had to meander along cross-country ski and snowmobile tracks to get to the lakefront. Many times the snow pack gave way and our feet sank 8 inches to the actual ground. Our feet were a little wet, but it was worth it.

Picnic? In March? In the U.P.?
(Notice your snack bags Courtney)

It was a great day.
If you listened hard enough you could hear Spring groaning, just about to wake from it's slumber.


  1. So fun. I always love a good picnic, especially with snack bags! We want to see a belly picture!!

  2. A bike ride?...I'm getting my bike out tomorrow. Alas, I don't have anyone to have a picnic with this week..

  3. slumberng spring - nice alliteration, and an even better date.