Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We had a really long run of work the past few weeks. We were down in Chicago for Christmas for five days, which was really fun, but not at all restful- I think the last three nights I never went to bed before midnight and kept having to wake up so early the next morning. And then we went straight into a week of Christmas camp, a weekend retreat, and the North Park ski class. Literally, the day one group left, another one came that evening. It was a very long time with no days off.

The day that North Park left, we hopped in a van with the Frasiers for an eight hour drive down to Manistee for our friends Matt and Beth's wedding. Again, it was a fun weekend, but not so restful. And now, back to work and one of our biggest groups of the year coming this weekend. Last night it was SO WONDERFUL to be done with work at 4:30 and come home and eat dinner and lay on the couch. It wasn't a whole day off, but it felt so good just to sit at home for a few hours and get a decent amount of sleep. I think next Monday or Tuesday we will finally have a full 24 hours to do whatever we want! I can't even believe it!

Yesterday I got to open TWO packages! One was from my sister and it was an amazing winter survival package. And the other was from my sister-in-law, erin, and was a book that I'm really excited to read. Other than that it was a rough day at work- I really hurt my back trying to do too much and then got a super bad headache in the afternoon for the rest of the evening (and I hate that I can only take Tylenol because it does nothing for me). BUT when I came home from work I found a loaf of cardamom bread that our neighbors had dropped off for us, and I went upstairs, put on my new cd from Amy, ate some cardomom bread, and made a delicious dinner (which I seriously love doing!). It was the best part of my day!


  1. Why are they working you so hard? Don't they know you are pregnant? You should tell them...that you are pregnant...

  2. I love surprise packages...even when they have odd things inside of them! Have you tried Tylenol PM yet? That was one of my favorite things! I hope you love the book and enjoy the humor! Lots of love to you.