Wednesday, January 13, 2010

For the second time now, I have experimentally tried to stop taking my Zofran. I didn't take it yesterday afternoon and evening and I felt perfectly fine. But then I didn't take it this morning when I woke up and I felt awful. I kept trying to tough it out to see if it was just a mental thing, but I knew it was time to pop a pill when certain smells in the bathroom were making me gag. Ugh. I just want to feel better. Everyone keeps saying, "Oh, you should be feeling better so soon" and "The second trimester is so great, you feel so energized," but I don't believe it. Yet, anyways.

Also, yesterday Kyle dislocated his shoulder for the fifth time. He's fine. We have such a normal protocol now. Run to the hospital, tell them about his tolerance for drugs, put it back in, come home and get the comfy sling, and Kyle's back to work shortly thereafter. It all seems so normal.


  1. Hah!...I was just going to tell you that you feel so good in the second trimester...full of energy and alive after 3 months of being a sick slug..I guess someone beat me to it.
    I hope Kyle can still pick up a cup of coffee with the sore shoulder, because.....the surprise box should be arriving this is coffee overkill. Ethiopian, Costa Rican, Guetamalan and 3 others I can't think of.

  2. The fifth time . . . I thought it was only 4! Jenny, I know nausea is the worst - and the three month limit on it is not for real. Sorry. But believe me it's all worth it. But you knew that! Love you guys - Love #1/7!