Sunday, January 17, 2010

Today, just for fun, I started looking around online for baby stuff- and I feel so overwhelmed. There seem to be so many ridiculous things (like pacifier bags?!), but it's so hard to tell what would be useful and what is just a waste.

Can any moms tell me what were some really useful things/brands of things that you used? And/or what was a total waste of time? I'm thinking that I probably want a jogging stroller, does anyone have any experience with jogging strollers? Can I use my jogging stroller as my regular stroller (I would really like to, if at all possible)?

If you're feeling inspired by this post to send me a full-out email of things I need, feel free! All suggestions are welcome at this time!


  1. I couldn't live without a lull my screaming/crying twins to sleep.

  2. I will send you an email of some of my faves maybe this weekend when I have some time if that's ok. As far as a jogging stroller as your only/regular stroller. Most joggers the baby has to be 6 mos to sit in it (and run) and they are often bigger/bulkier for shopping etc. I'd say you need more than that. Anyhow I'm not going to monopolize the comments. I'll send an email sometime soon.

  3. I have a cousin that is an avid runner and who has a hundred kids (3). I'll get back to you :)