Friday, December 18, 2009

Yesterday, at my doctor's appointment, I mentioned to my doctor how sick I've been feeling- and, as a result, how little I've been able to work and how little I've been able to exercise (which has been causing severe lower back pain). He wrote me a prescription for a MIRACLE drug called Zofran. I feel one thousand times better. I woke up this morning and ate some cereal on the couch, where I usually sluggishly lay, trying not to throw up, until I have to get ready for work, when I inevitably crash on my bed halfway through getting dressed because of the exhaustion of trying not to feel so horrible. This morning, however, I finished my cereal and then felt a little antsy. My legs were kind of bouncing and I was thinking, hey, I could totally go do some yoga right now- or hop in the shower. It was an AMAZING feeling.


  1. That's great news, Jenny. Wish they had a miracle drug for me...back in the day.

  2. Jenny! I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling so rough, but glad you've found some relief.

    I've been thinking about you three a lot...and check your blog almost obsessively:) Hehe. Hi and hugs to Kyle and a nice tummy pat for the little one!

  3. Ugh! I wrote an entire comment and it got deleted! How annoying!

    Anyhow I am so happy for you and Kyle and excited to see your updates here Jenny! Congrats again!
    I'm also happy that you're feeling better and on the miracle drug. I asked my DR about it at the beginning of my pregnancy with Evelyn and she said no at first thinking I didn't need it. After I lost 8 pounds and landed in the hospital for dehydration, she reconsidered! It helped me SO much!
    Not that it's much help but they say a sick mama makes for a healthy baby! :)