Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kyle busted out this hat for the winter:

I can't stop laughing about how ridiculous it is. I'm finding it hard to get any work done.

This morning I decided that today is "comfort is key" day. It means wearing your most comfortable clothes (sweatpants) to work. It also means bringing your favorite candle to work to have burning on your desk while you work.

Last winter I bought a new parka from LL Bean. I loved it. It was long and warm and perfect. EXCEPT that for some reason I decided I wanted a large so that I could fit puffy sweaters under it and everything, so when I got it last winter (still about 30 lbs. overweight), it was a little large. Now that I am down to a healthy weight it is much, much too large. I called LL Bean to see if I could send it back this winter for a smaller size, but they wouldn't do it. I was having a moral dilemma as to whether I should break the zipper and call them to tell them that my coat wasn't functioning and I needed a new (and smaller) coat, BUT yesterday a friend from church came up to me (who is aware of this whole annoying coat situation) and said that she wanted to buy a coat for a needy woman in our community and offered to buy MY coat (for full price!), so that she could have a coat and I could buy a new one that fit! Isn't that wonderful?! I'm buying a new one TODAY!

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  1. know that you are called to have integrity. But, it is just like our loving God to find a buyer for you. I love this story!
    Now...the Kyle hat...maybe God can find a buyer for THAT!