Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Two days ago on my run, Lance Armstrong came on to congratulate me for my longest run ever!

On Monday Kyle and I continued our Monday-Day-Off-Series of touring southwestern upper peninsula (and upper wisconsin) coffee shops. We met a friend at a coffee shop in Iron Mountain called Moose Jackson. I love that place. And hanging out with our friend, Chris, for a few hours was so fun. He decided that his girlfriend and I are going to be summer friends this summer. Yay for summer friends! I haven’t been a normal person in the summer for several years now, so I’m excited to remember all of the fun things you get to do when you’re not working 24 hours a day!

Tonight I have my orientation for our clinicals. I’m very excited. I have clinicals two nights a week for 5 weeks, and then I’m a nurse aide, capable of getting a full time job! And I also found out that we don’t have clinicals the week before Easter, so Kyle and I are probably going to get to take a spring break!

Well, I have to go grocery shopping and hem some very oversized scrubs!

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