Monday, March 16, 2009

Kyle and I had our first weekend off together probably since… January? We took a drive to Houghton-Hancock to see what there was to see. Not much. We did visit the Keewanaw Brewing Company and sampled some ales, which was pretty awesome. And then we drove to McLain State Park and walked around on the snow-covered beach. It was a nice afternoon. And we topped it off with a drive home sampling the most delicious saltwater taffy I have ever had in my life- flavors like pumpkin pie, apple pie, banana cream pie, and vanilla coffee- YUM!

Speaking of pies, today I made a homemade banana cream pie for the first time ever- and it turned out spectacularly! I always feel so productive and accomplished when I have a successful cooking project.

I found out when I have some time off from clinicals, so Kyle and I get to take a spring break! We’re heading to Chicago around April 4 for the weekend (and a race called Run for the Cheetah, which I wish was much cooler), then to New Hampshire with Colby to visit the Condaps for the week, and back to Chicago for the Easter weekend and the traditional Good Friday watching of Jesus Christ Superstar and eating of cheese coffee cake and chili cheese dip.

Well, I’m off for a run in the 60 degree weather (and puddles and mud)!

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