Thursday, January 22, 2009

Many of you may know that I do not like dogs.
With that in mind:
I went for a run yesterday down our road. As I turned a corner, a little collie-ish looking thing darted out of it’s drive way and proceeded to “run” (jump at and around my legs) with me for a few minutes. She started darting in and out of cars that were coming, so I thought the humane thing to do (although not what I wanted to do) was to get her to sit until the cars passed. I heard her owner (a one hundred year old man) coming, so I turned and start walking toward him so she would follow me and then GET AWAY from me. She trotted to her owner (who did not grab her by the collar, put a leash on her, etc.) and then the little demon turned and ran, as fast as she could, into my shins, knocking me onto the icy road on my knees. Her owner muttered a half-hearted “You okay?” before carting her away. Thinking back on the moment where she was darting at my legs, I wish I could have wound up and kicked her clear down the street.

In other news, at class the other night I was the only one- out of 20 people- to type our assignment that was due. I even saw an older gentleman hand in a SCRAP of paper with his assignment written on it. I felt a little embarrassed when I looked around- and then my teacher came and grabbed it and started waving it in front of the class, telling them how much she loves typed papers. Oh, Iron River.

We are also practicing hand washing in our class. Our teacher has this stuff called “Glowgerm.” It’s a powder that you rub on your hands and then you wash them following the proper procedure. When you’re done washing she puts your hands under a blacklight and anywhere that you didn’t scrub enough, the powder glows. It is so cool/ gross to think about.

Kyle’s left shoulder has now started bothering him (probably from overcompensation). I have asked him to please take it easy, so that we will not be dealing with a double shoulder surgery/ so I don’t have to have a husband with no arms. Unfortunately, Kyle has never heard of this “take it easy.”

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