Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Charlotte and I made delicious chocolate dipped pretzels that I pinned on Pinterest this year.


After they were all finished, we packaged them up so we could deliver them to our neighbors and Pastors.

The next morning we had heart pancakes and strawberries for breakfast!

And milk with heart ice cubes.

Charlotte got a Valentine's puppy from Grandma Patti and Grandpa Rich, which she named "Woofter." Here he is, pictured at left being put to bed, complete with bedtime story. When I came to get Charlotte to tell her it was time to go to Gramma Lynn's, she said, "No. It's bedtime."

My delicious Valentine's present to myself. I got to spend the morning with my best friend, Megan at Target and Panera. I bought the ingredients to make chocolate covered strawberries with my favorite chocolate- Ghirardelli Cabernet Matinee. Yum!

We finished out the evening with dinner at Gramma Lynn and Poppa's- the best Valentine's present ever- not having to cook dinner!

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