Monday, February 18, 2013

Two Life

This weekend we brought Charlotte to Covenant Point so that Kyle and I could cook for the second One Life Retreat, a retreat for all of the Covenant Central Conference (Illinois, Wisconsin, and Upper Michigan) senior high students. It was so fun to be in the kitchen. Charlotte joined us there sometimes, and also spent some time with Linnea, Kevin, and Laurel and Auntie Courtney, Uncle Erik, Caleb, Jackson, and Emmett. On Sunday we had the afternoon off, so we took Charlotte out to play in the snow- it was beautiful and sunny and 20-ish degrees- perfect!

We started out making a snow angel.

Runny nose.

Tasting the snow.

"Mmm. Sugary."

Charlotte wanted to go play on the "parking lot" (what she calls a playground). The snow was very deep.

But Charlotte persevered.

Giving Daddy an "underdog."

Crawling out.

Pulling Daddy on the tube.

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