Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sick Day

After our long weekend at camp, Charlotte woke up with a nasty cough and 102 fever. Yuck. We decided to do a lot of relaxing today.

Kyle made Charlotte a sick bed on the love seat and got out her puzzles.

She built these pieces all by herself!

Then we watched a little PBS Kids.

 Charlotte sure found her energy after lunch. She set up all of her "guys" at the dining room table- even providing them with blankets, as pictured here.

She also provided them all with beverages. As she delivered them, she said, "This will make you healthy."


My mom came over in the afternoon and read Charlotte some books.

 When my mom arrived, we were talking about some of our ancestors and my mom mentioned that we have a great aunt named Maude. She started telling Charlotte a story about a girl named Maude, and then Charlotte kept asking for "another Maude story."

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