Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jenny's First Dump Run

Jenny is now a full-time staff and she had her first trip to the dump.
She now owns a pair of Carharts and is expanding her manual labor wardrobe.
She's pretty hardcore, especially with those shades.

Just to clarify, Kyle made this post. I do not talk about myself in the third person.


  1.'ve come a long way...rememeber when you quit Jewel after like 2 weeks..because they wanted you to empty the garbage? I will never forget when you said, "Ya, I quit...ugh..they wanted me to empty the garbage and clean the lunchroom." I think these pictures are tooo funny...Do the shades help to disguise the disgusting things your eyes might see? what about the smell? isn't the gag queen..gagging? What is becoming of you? next thing you know you will have a pet 'possum.
    I can't wait to see you and Kyle tomorrow. Salsa, guacamole,chips, tacos and margaritas! Arriba!

  2. Ok. I have missed something - when did you begin working at camp full time? I think I need to make calling a priority. TALK with you soon.