Wednesday, September 2, 2009


You may be wondering to yourself how many headless mice you see on the road while you're running eighteen miles. Or how in the world you discover that you have chocolate all over the boob region of your shirt halfway through. Or at what point you decide HECK WITH IT and start singing aloud along with your iPod. Or just how many gallons of ice you pour into a bathtub after it's all said and done. The answers are as follows:

1. Two.
2. This happens when you buy all chocolate flavored energy bars and then keep them in your hand as you attempt to rebuckle the chest strap on your Camelbak over and over again.
3. Around mile 14 or 15.
4. Five.


  1. Crazy people run 18 miles.
    Crazy people sing out loud in public.
    Crazy people see headless mice.
    And...crazy people sit in a bathtub of ice.
    The only sane thing you did was eat chocolate while you ran.

  2. Jenny I LOVE singing out loud when I run. You hear a good jam and you just HAVE too. YAY for running 18 miles. the marathon is so soon!!!

  3. 18 miles!!! I am so proud of you. We were already making plans about how we were going to make ourselves visible to you at the marathon when we watched B's 5k yesterday.