Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Well, we took a little trip to the emergency room last night... a little August tradition of mine. I've been having a hard time breathing for the past week, so yesterday I went to talk to the camp nurse and she encouraged me to go get checked out. I'm not, like, dying or anything- it's just very uncomfortable to try to work like this. At the ER I was given an inhaler and some steroids, neither of which have made a noticeable difference so far, but I'm hoping and praying that they will soon. Around the time that this started happening, I also started doing yoga outside in my backyard everyday after lunch. And every day after lunch is when these breathing problems would flare up. We suspect I have some kind of late summer allergy, so I'm going to go to the doctor soon to figure this out.

I had to go fill my prescription this morning (because, don't worry, our pharmacy closes at SEVEN O'CLOCK P.M.) and had a really nice, relaxing drive through town running some errands. It was actually just how I wanted to start my day. I even got to stop by the library- I haven't been there since May! I'm getting so excited for fall to go to the library, go grocery shopping and cook for normal amounts of people, clean out our house, get "back to school clothes", go on vacation, make apple everything with FREE apples around camp, go to football games, start youth group, start my favorite job ever, and run my marathon, among many other things! Yay for camp almost being over!

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