Sunday, August 9, 2009

The triathlon was so fun! I PR'd my 10k today! My last 10k was around 1:09 and today I ran it in 1:08:27. WOOHOO! AND, when I came in on the run, Bjorn, Melissa, and all the kitchen crew were at the finish line banging pots and mixing bowls with wooden spoons.

I have the rest of the evening off, finally, and am going to read, take a nap, and then go see Up with Kyle and hopefully Erik and Courtney as well. I very much need a nap and a shower.

One more week of camp to go!!!


  1. what a wonderful photo. I love It!!! Glad you are feeling better Jenny. Can't wait to sheer for yu at the Marathon!!!

  2. You look AWESOME Jenny! So proud!

  3. Pots & Pans? How fun is that? I am so happy for you. What a great feeling of accomplishment.