Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kyle is slowly recovering from his surgery. His mouth has been hurting, so he's been eating lots of soft (boring) foods and taking his vicadin regularly. This leaves him very sleepy, usually. It's good, though, to see him getting so much rest right at the beginning of the summer. It's sad for him to be around people because he can't really talk very much. Just keep him in your prayers. I think he's getting a little bummed about feeling so isolated.

My new obsession is diet ginger ale. Yum! I got a craving for it yesterday when I was making a ginger soy marinade for stir fry chicken. I bought a big two liter at the grocery store today and drank FOUR GLASSES before dinner. Yikes! I'm not usually a pop drinker, so that sounds like a lot to me.

I also bought $15 worth of energy bars and Gatorade for my long runs this summer. I did my second long run this last Wednesday (6 miles) around the lake and I felt like I needed a little boost, midway- it being an hour and fifteen minute workout and all. So, I got a smattering of energy bars at the cash liquidators which are now nicely displayed on my counter in a trifle dish. One of the Clif bars is pumpkin spice flavored. I'm not sure how I feel about eating a pumpkin flavored anything while I'm running in June, but we'll see...

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  1. ginger soy marinade - sounds way more delicious than my Yoshida's Teriyaki from Sam's Club. Congratulations on those runs! Keep up the good work, and give Kyle a big hug from me.