Saturday, January 4, 2014

Arrived in Greece

Kyle, diakonos tou Iesou Chritstou, to pas mou genous en USA.
Kyle, a servant of Jesus Chirst, to all my family in USA.
(I'm a Greek nerd, I know)
We have arrived.  But tonight is just a settle in day.  
These are some random pics to give some context.

As a Greek Nerd I was thrilled to see that I could read the Greek right off the plane. 
Exhodos = Exit (Trust me)

We are staying at the Greek Bible College.

 My Dorm room.  We share a tiny bathroom.

 But we do have a tiny balcony as well.  The view is not great.  
But the campus is cool.

"Meh Patate to Graziai" = "Do not step on the grass"

Walking down a busy Greek Street.  There are many abandoned store fronts.  You may have heard about the Greek Economy crumbling last year.  Well, it shows.
But this solar store panel is where Paul gave his famous "To an unknown god" speech (Acts 17).
Just Kidding.

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