Monday, September 3, 2012

Moberly/Nyberg Wedding

Late August we headed back up to Covenant Point for Megan and Paul Nyberg's Wedding.

Awaiting the blessed event with our dear friend Jane.

Post Wedding Chow-time.  Charlotte was HUNGRY!

On the bench with Andy at perfect sunset time.
This is my favorite time of day, camp looks magnificent.

Paddle Dance!
Jenny and I did this at our wedding.  Here Kyle got to dance with down the aisle with Charlie, Laurel, Hannah, and the new Bride.

 Waiting in line for the next dance.

 The next day we went with the Johnsons and the Stroms to the Ahlberg's farm for a tour.  Here Charlotte is getting back in touch with her Yooper roots on a big ol' John Deere tractor - The tractor that won the Tractor pull 2 years ago.  Pretty big deal.

Get this kid out of the concrete jungle! 

We love Laurel's arms around Caleb and Charlotte. 

Donna led us through her garden and let Charlotte pull some carrots.  She loved it.  Kyle the agrarian almost teared up seeing Charlotte learn where food comes from.  Not pictured: Donna also let us "dig potatoes," which was like mining for gold in the dirt. The potatoes just kept coming!  She gave us 7 HUGE potatoes and we ate them that night.  It does not get much fresher than that!

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