Saturday, August 4, 2012

Home Design, Reading, and Art

Today we took Charlotte to the library to turn in her reading program poster. (She is the queen of wacky smiles lately.)

Because Charlotte had 25 books read to her, she earned a red book bag tote. When we handed in her poster, the children's librarian was asking her questions about the books she read. In a very nice way, it seemed like he was kind of quizzing her to see if she actually read them. Which, we did. We read most of the books, like 20 times as requested by Charlotte. So when he said "How many books did you read?" and Charlotte replied, "Ummm, TWO," or when he said, "What kind of animal is Skippyjonjones" and Charlotte said, "I no read Skippyjonjones," I felt like a stage mom, trying to feed her the correct answers and not for the life of me understanding why she was saying such crazy things.

Last week we refinished our dresser.
Here is the before:

And the after:

And I'm rediscovering my inner artist.


  1. Love the painting. Also love Charlotte's wacky smiles. Those are the best!

  2. Hi Jenny,

    I was wondering if you'd mind emailing me the PDFs of the Elephant & Piggie puppet templates? I'm having an E & P party next month and would love to do this as a craft. My email is bridgetwilson4765(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!