Friday, October 7, 2011

This post is long overdue. We also have not taken very many pictures since we moved. But, here is what we have...

In August, my mom had Charlotte and I over for a pool party one day. Charlotte loved the pool, mostly climbing in and out of it.

At the end of August/beginning of September we went up to camp for Erik's installation. These were sadly the only few pictures we took. This is Charlotte enjoying some zucchini bread in the lounge of Cedar.

And Charlotte taking a shower with Kyle.

Charlotte and I did some baking together....

In September, when Courtney and Erin were visiting, about half of the Mecher grandkids took a trip to the children's museum.

We take frequent walks around campus with Charlotte to visit friends or play with the leaves or on the stairs.

She's really into pointing lately.

Not so much into me, but that's okay.

Rainy afternoon couch cushion fort building with dad. He's pretty fun.

And Charlotte's first real haircut! We took her to this place in Lincoln Square called Pickle's Playroom "a Clip, Sip, and Play Cafe." So, we got a haircut and 30 minutes of playtime in the playroom.

No more mullet!


  1. Even though I get to see her (and you guys) is person more these days I still like the photos. It's the capturing of the memory that I like.

  2. You and Charlotte cooking is real cute! me in my bathing suit...not so cute.

  3. thanks for the post! i love the fort and her cute haircut.

  4. my friend mabrie goes to pickle's play two should meet up!!