Saturday, August 20, 2011

Charlotte: Savvy Chicago Socialite

Charlotte has adapted very well to her new city. She has slept just as well here with screeching ambulances outside her room as she did with screeching foxes back in the U.P. We have taken in some urban life including Jenny's Half Marathon and the Lincoln Park Zoo.
Grandma and Poppa Mecher went with us downtown for Jenny's race at 5 in the morning. Charlotte loved all the people and excitement.

After Lynn and Gladdy left Charlie and Kyle toured around Millennium park waiting for Mom to finish.
So happy to be a city girl.
Charlotte asleep on her first CTA ride.
Lincoln Park Zoo
Looking at Turtles in the Children's Zoo
We had camera trouble so we only got a few pictures, but Charlotte loved the Zoo. She was mimicking the Tiger's noises in the Lion house and pointing excitedly at all the big cats.
We had a picnic while Charlotte napped, but she was awoken by the "Thunderbirds" flying overhead practicing for the Air and Water show. They flew right over us a couple time and we had to quick cover Charlotte's ears.

We are doing great. We worked really hard to make our apartment a home quick. Pictures of our place forthcoming.


  1. Great walking.
    Hey, were you at the zoo on Friday? Kendell, Saige, Gairette and I were at the air and water show. We parked at the zoo with a borrowed parking pass. It would have been so much fun to run in to you.

  2. how did the half marathon go?