Monday, September 6, 2010

After Kyle's surgery our pictures are seriously lacking. Probably because I suddenly became a mother of two and Kyle only had one hand. But, we had a fabulous end of our vacation. Yesterday was our church picnic here at camp and it was so fun to finally go to church again. Last night we had dinner with a bunch of friends and it was so good to eat and laugh and watch home videos.

Charlotte in her hooded sweatshirt on the drive home- it was cold!

Charlotte and I after church yesterday

Charlotte bundled in her jean jacket from Auntie Megan and her flower hat from Grandma Lynn

What a cutie!


  1. I can't believe that jacket fits her. When I first brought it up to you guys I didn't think it would ever fit her. Glad it does! So cute!!!

  2. A hat for every day ofthe week, I am sure! T is almost 12 and I still have all her auntie lynn hats, and I am pretty sure her little girls will be wearing them because there is no way I can get rid of them!

  3. I love looking at her little face. And her mini-adult clothes.